Top Advertising Techniques For Online Use

Do you own a website or an online storefront? Maybe you are an affiliate marketer or an eBay seller and you are looking for ways to get more traffic to your pages. There are many advertising techniques that you can use, but there are only some that actually produce good results on a regular basis. Here are the top 3 online advertising techniques for you to use.

First, the best advertisement is anything you can get on Google. Google is the top search engine and is responsible for over 60% of the searches done online. They have a wonderful Pay Per Click option called Google AdWords that allows you to bid on specific keywords and pay per visitor to your website. These ads show up on the top, right hand side, and bottom of the Google search pages and you can have them show up on other websites as well.

The second options is a free option that will give you traffic for many years to come. Start writing articles about the subject of your website. Submit these articles to top article directories and you will be able to link back to your website in the author bio box or resource box at the bottom of your articles. These will get indexed and listed for relevant keywords on search engines. Plus other webmasters might pick them up and use them on their websites and in their newsletters with a link back to your website.

The third option is quite expensive, but will produce great and lasting results. Spend the money to hire a reputable company to create back links to your website and get you indexed on the first page of search engines all over the internet. This is a very costly option at first, but will pay dividends in the long run. Plus an added benefit to this advertising technique is that you will not be spending your own time working on advertising your site.

Small Business Advertising Techniques – One Big Mistake You’re Making Right Now

Most small business advertising techniques are ineffective, expensive and, frankly, a waste of the advertiser’s time.


Because the ads they run don’t make any money, and even when they do, response isn’t properly measurable so while the ad may be working… you simply just can’t tell.

Small business advertising techniques – the difference that makes the difference

While copywriters and marketers (including me) go on and on a about headlines, strong copy and calls to action there’s one thing we all (including me on occasion, I admit) pay far too little attention to and so miss out on a lot of business.

And this is… the irresistible offer.

See, the offer is what your readers respond to. It’s the bonus, the prize, the promise and the answer to all their prayers rolled into one. And I’ve seen over and over again how a good offer can overcome many shortcomings in headlines, copy and even the price.

So here are a few tips on how to get readers of your ad almost unable to resist responding to your ad.

  1. Remove the risk. This is probably the single–most important point of all. Because any business transaction implies risk – but the risk isn’t equal. Why? Because once the seller has the buyer’s money, getting it back can be impossible if the product or service doesn’t live come up to scratch. So risk reversal in the form of generous and outrageous guarantees, risk-free trial periods, try-before-you buy and all kinds of combinations on this theme are a great way to remove the risk and so create that irresistible offer.
  2. Make it easy. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be buying from some people? Many’s the time I’ve given up right on the sales-page because just can’t get things to work or figure out exactly what I’m buying. The easier you make it for people to buy from you, the more you’ll sell. A few years ago I wrote some emails for a client which used some funky software on the other end and enabled the recipient to buy the product just by clicking a link (just like Amazon’s “buy with one click“). As a result they made over $75,000 in sales off just two emails on a product promotion they thought had bottomed out.
  3. Make it exclusive. Human nature makes us want what we can’t have — and the thought we might miss out on something can make us want it, even though before we had never given it a second thought. I remember a client who sold high-end leather jackets in a small town in England was having trouble selling one particular style. So I told him to put a sign on it saying it was no longer on sale. All of a sudden, everyone wanted one. So make a point of telling your readers they might not be able to get whatever you’re offering, even if they do respond. You’ll be astonished at the difference it makes.

MLM Advertising Techniques That Work: 5 Steps To Making Money In Network Marketing

MLM advertising techniques that work are like money in the bank, as the heart and soul of any home business is your ability to share your opportunity with others, sponsor new team members, and generate group volume sales.

When I first got involved in MLM I knew nothing about advertising, and limited my marketing campaigns to talking to friends and co-workers. Of course, it did not take long to run through my contacts using that method, and like so many others, I quit the opportunity in frustration.

Sadly, my MLM opportunity was not the problem. The company is still out there, and many of its members continue to build enviable levels of residual income. My problem was simply this: I lacked an effective marketing strategy. In this article I hope to share with you a few of the MLM advertising techniques I have since put into place in my own business.

To achieve success in your MLM opportunity, you need to employ at least one, and preferably more, of these 5 MLM advertising techniques that work…

1. Go ahead and do the contact list thing your sponsor will recommend to you. Meeting with people you know and trust is a tried and true method that forces you to master your compensation plan and product line. This knowledge will serve you well as you grow into a more sophisticated campaign.

2. Create a free blog at WordPress or Blogger and get some material posted online, with links to your opportunity’s website. If you can’t write articles, consider going over to EzineArticles and using articles you like. When you find an article you want to post on your blog, scroll down to the bottom right of the EzineArticle page and click on the publisher tab. You can then copy and paste the article, giving credit to its author and source, and leaving his or her links in place.

3. Beyond your blog you can create some simple 2-3 minute long videos to post on free video hosting sites like YouTube. If you don’t have a camera, use a webcam. Or, you can use a Windows movie making application that is probably already in place on your computer. Keep your videos free of blatant ads for your opportunity and strive to help your viewer actually learn something of value. If they like what they see and hear, they may click through to your website.

4. A more advanced, and effective MLM advertising technique that works is social networking online. Use sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to interact with other home businesspeople. You will learn a lot from each other, and in the process find a few motivated and qualified candidates for your MLM opportunity.

5. Finally, you should strive to automate your MLM advertising and recruiting in some way, using an automated marketing or lead capture system.

Add any of these 5 MLM advertising techniques that work to your network marketing campaigns and you will see improved results in your organizational growth and business income.

Internet Marketing – Internet Advertising Techniques

Here, we will be focusing on means of increasing your website’s popularity through external sources of internet advertising such as AdWords, pay per click advertising and affiliate marketing.

  • AdWords

One of the top controllable and targeted online advertising techniques is AdWords. The effectiveness of this technique of increasing website popularity has contributed in increasing the number of those using it, and hence the massive profits made by Google in recent times. The first question that comes to mind while trying to use this internet advertising technique is “how do these AdWords look, and where exactly are they seen?”. Well, the answer is that your ad is displayed next to Google search results. Also, they are displayed on chosen content website link. Note that you are only required to pay when your ad is clicked rather than mere viewing of the ad.

In using AdWords for internet marketing, you are also presented with the option of smart pricing. This smart pricing opportunity requires a higher payment for a guaranteed sale. For instance, a situation is where you have a website for colon cleansing, and you write a review on a new and highly effective colon cleanser; eventually, a web visitor stumbles on an ad for the same colon cleanser in an AdWords text advert displayed on the ‘same web page’, clicks on it and subsequently make a purchase from the advertiser.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

You can use Google’s tools to determine the fee that is required on your per click, for your choice of keyword. It could be something above 1 dollar or 10 cents, and even more based on how popular or competitive your keyword is. When the price has been determined, you will assign a budget and go ahead to make your payment to Google using credit card. It is now at your discretion to manage your campaign’s length, and you can choose to close it when the money is almost used up. In most cases, some businesses decide to use the services of specialist in Pay Per Click Management.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This is a more popular internet marketing/advertising technique. The technique is basically a scenario where a company agrees to pay commission or incentives to another web-based organization or individual to advertise and market its product or service. For instance, an online company that sells forex software product could contract out an affiliate marketing program (based on agreed commissions or incentives) to a web-based company that offer information on forex products. The affiliate program is provided by the company needing the affiliate services, while the affiliate itself refers to the website that embarks on the promotion for the company who supplied them affiliate program.

Basically, affiliate marketing is a fundamental agency arrangement. This is how it works; an advert or banner is placed on the affiliate’s site, any visitor who clicks on that ad is linked to the affiliate program owner’s site. There is no payment to the affiliate marketer until the visitor makes an actual purchase.

There are also, other internet advertising techniques that yield good result.