Advertising Techniques – Which to Choose?

The right advertising techniques will surely help increase the traffic of your site and hopefully convert this traffic into sales. The technique one will use should cater to the niche one is serving. For instance, if one’s niche is catered to youths, then it would be good to have your ads focused on the interests of this group. They may be as colorful as possible and perhaps compatible with the new trends either in music or fashion for teenagers.

When it comes to presentation, advertising techniques are of two types: image-based and text-based. Make the images as appealing to them as possible and make the words grab their attention. Remember if the text is boring, they won’t bother reading it and may go on to the next website.

The following is a list of specific advertising techniques one may use:

Content Advertising

This refers to the content of one’s website and how it ranks on the results of search engines due to SEO or LSI. It may also refer to articles submitted to other websites (with a link back to one’s own), press releases, reviews of one’s products or services in other sites, etc.

Link Advertising

This type of advertising shows a small ad in a different site with a link back to your own site. Remember to make it as interesting as possible or else no one will click on that link.

Obtrusive Advertising

Have you visited a website and suddenly a pop-up appears out of nowhere advising you of an offer or something? This is obtrusive advertising. The challenge here is to have the pop-up appear for the right segment one is trying to reach. Of course, some people don’t appreciate this kind of advertising, and sometimes, they just click on close without even visiting the site promoted.

Viral Advertising

Have you noticed that there are websites, which encourage you to tell your friend about the same site, perhaps by sharing something in that site? All the person had to do was put in the email address of one’s friend in some field on that site. This is called Viral Advertising, much like the traditional word of mouth advertising we have known for years.

These are just some of the advertising techniques one can use to promote one’s business online. It is best to diversify one’s ads to get the most benefit from them. At the onset, it may be difficult to determine which technique will work best for one’s business. It is important, then, to have a regular review of one’s ads to see which ones should continue for bringing in good results and which ones should be amended.