Free Online Advertising Techniques That Actually Work

Nothing is truly free, right? There is always some type of price to pay for it. When you get something for free it is usually of a lower quality than something that you pay for, hence the old saying you get what you pay for. This is not exactly true with free online advertising techniques. SUre they are not exactly free, but you will not pay a penny for the techniques you are about to discover. Plus you will actually get just as good of quality or even better out of them than you will from many paid advertising techniques.

First, you have article marketing. This is one of the hottest techniques on the web for advertising and there is a reason for it. It is free! Not only that, but you are actually doing more than one type of marketing at the same time. Every single time you write an article and submit it to a free article directory, not only do you get the traffic from that site, but you also get indexed with the search engines for relevant keywords, and you will also be building a new back link to your website making it stronger to the search engines.

On top of that this method will create more targeted traffic than pretty much anything else out there that you can do for free. The reason being is that you know if someone is willing to read a 250 t0 500 word article about a subject and click on a link for more information, then they must be interested in that subject. So when the arrive at your website they are already interested in what you have to say and as long as your website is designed to sell them on a product you will have a better chance of doing so because they are so targeted.

Second, signature traffic. This is the little ad you put at the end of every outgoing email that you send. It is automatic so your time is not a factor and the trade off is about 2 minutes of time for constant ads going on the bottom of your email. Set up your signature with a link back to your website and you are done. Then, every single time you send out an email your link is there for your readers to click on. It could even get forwarded on to the next person and so on.

Last, forum marketing is hot. Now just like with article marketing this is going to have the trade off of your time, but also, just like article marketing your forum posts will create multiple streams of traffic. Sure you will get readers that go to the forum and want answers, but you might also get your post indexed by search engines, and you create a back link to your website making it look better for the search engines. Plus if someone really likes your website they might start recommending it to answer other forum questions as well. This is a very good free online advertising technique that you can use.