How to Make Money Online With No Product Or Service Using Creative Advertising Techniques

Making money with no product or service is not a tenable idea, you may be thinking. Most people make money online by selling something such as an e-book, a service or a digital product. Others sell physical products such as cameras and mobile phones.

Logical business laws tell us that there is nothing for nothing. You need to give a customer something before they part with their money. No wonder, many find the idea that you can make money online with no product unbelievable. However, contrary to popular belief there are many ways to make money online with no product or service. How do you make money with no product?

The secret to make money with no product is to employ creative advertising techniques. Many marketers, even experienced ones, are letting money slip through their fingers by failing to exploit the full power of advertising. Advertisers are constantly searching for new ways to put their message across in order to improve their sales.

Websites such as offer an example of how it is possible to make money online using creative advertising techniques. You do not need a product or service. How does it work? Such websites offer money making opportunities to entertainment and content website owners by connecting them to clients who use their advertising networks.

You get paid every time a new visitor installs their advertising software on his/her computer. It is called pay per install. The catch is that a visitor has to install the advertising software in order to view all the content and entertainment on a particular network. This is truly creative advertising at its best. If a visitor does not wish to install the software he cannot see what he wants. The software is usually easy to install and remove and has no strings attached.

Beware though that installing software you do not know can hurt your computer. It is advisable to check out the reputation of the pay per install vendor before installing the software on your computer. Secondly, commissions paid usually vary from region to region, with the USA attracting the highest pay per install returns followed by Canada, UK and European Countries.

The amount paid for each region range from $0.50-0.75USD per install for the first 3,000 installs and is stepped up for installs over and above a certain threshold, say 3,000. Obviously, the more installs you generate the more money you make. Make sure to target the regions paying out the highest commissions.

The above is just one example of how you can harness the power of creative advertising and make money online with no product or service. Creative advertising is completely legal and is increasingly being exploited by savvy marketers to make money online. To benefit from creative advertising and make money online you usually need a money making website and targeted visitors or traffic. Make money online with no product or service by employing creative advertising.