Advertising Techniques You Normally See in TV Ads

To an advertiser, there’s nothing like seeing his TV ad for a particular product or service drawing rave reviews. This is doubly true for the company itself because this could mean good profits on top of brand recognition. This could be attributed to the well-crafted advertising techniques the advertising firm employs to hook the viewers into noticing and patronizing the advertised products. Here is a list of some of the most recognizable advertising techniques you normally see in TV ads:

Curiosity arousal
Arousing curiosity among TV viewers never fail to send the message across with such impact. Humans are the most curious living beings on earth, and advertisers always pique human curiosity using the spoken word, visuals and sounds that will surely draw reactions.

Promise of a Benefit
A well crafted TV advertisement could include a list of things the product can do for you, and why not? A lot of people are not dazzled by eye-catching visuals and celebrity endorsers but instead would like to look into the product itself. And if the advertisement presented the products well without much of the fanfare and eye-candy, they will sure get noticed.

Emotional Appeal
This is one of the advertising techniques that saps the creative juices out of advertisers. It is not that easy to touch the emotions of the typical TV viewer especially if you have to do that in about two minutes or less and if it becomes a hit, just a few will forget. A heart-warming or an inspiring moment associated with the use of the endorsed product is always a winning advertising technique because people become enamored with products and services that make them feel good and safe.

Use of Children
The use of cute and witty children in TV advertisements never fails to draw attention especially among children and toddlers themselves. And when the TV ads are getting the attention of toddlers, parents are sure to point out that there should be something good with the TV ad, and that’s good news to the advertisers. Also, parents are sure to give in to the whims of their children when it comes to choosing products in the grocery, so this is one of the TV advertising techniques which is very effective.

This is one of the TV advertising techniques a lot of advertisers use and for good reasons. Celebrity endorsers enjoy a good following usually with international recognition. Advertisers are quick to recognize the value of celebrity endorsements for the products they are promoting. The only drawback is the cost of signing up the celebrity endorser for the product especially if he/she is a big name celebrity.

Advertising Techniques For an Online Entrepreneur

Applying creative advertising techniques is what a self confident online entrepreneur understands that it is what grasps the attention of web surfers, prospects and costumers year in and year out; unless he has the control of certain services or products and thus force them to buy them.

A good amount of that internet traffic could surf past his web pages day after day and never convert into visitors to his site. This traffic would not bond; its attention wouldn’t be capture if it wasn’t for a creative advertising technique. They probably would be buying services or products somewhere else, or they’d be signing as affiliates under other people online business ideas.

Now, why browse, click, and buy them somewhere else. Now why do they do it? A secure internet entrepreneur knows why his present visitors and customers find it advantageous and beneficial to visit his website and buy of him rather than of a competitor. He knows that if he puts these reason, this incentive of his home based internet business in a creative advertisement campaign; he will certainly attract new customers. If an online entrepreneur has not all the business he wishes, this suggestion is infinitely worth more than a passing thought.

Creativity in advertisement technique is the ingredient that sets him at a distance from his competitors. Not the quantity of effort or money spent on advertising. Spending a lot of funds for a Google AdWords campaign to promote internet business ideas will not guarantee success if it is spent blindly by just making up certain amount and variables of ads. A big number of ads may create presence, but not essentially site visitors. There is a big difference between advertising techniques.

The try, the attempt to sell any product or service could be considered advertising, and it has its technique; from the writing on a wall to the cry of a market vendor. However the real difference of the advertising technique lies not in what it’s said or written, but HOW it’s said or written.

An online entrepreneur has to know that if he wants to advertise productively, the attention of the reader needs to be attracted, maintained for as long as possible, and at last converted into a favorable decision. These three steps, attracting, maintaining and converting may seem not so difficult to take; but it is easier said than done, since their execution is closer to art, than to science.

The actual aim is the third step or conversion. This has to be attained at a conscious intellectual level, since a decision has to be made. The second step, maintaining has more to do with interest and time. These steps would be difficult to get to, like in any road to success, without a first important step in advertising … attracting.

It is here where the creativity process begins. Creative advertising is nothing more nor less than the principle of arousing curiosity. Curiosity is simply how we call our interest when attracted by a different mean or angle of seeing things, by the extraordinary or by the bizarre. This curiosity has to be awakened and animated all the way by an exceptional informative and eloquent communication, be it in print, audio or video, and that is exactly what happens when creativity is added to advertising; it convinces.

Not only is the above true of advertising, but creative advertising techniques are able to create new business. It educates the costumer to the necessity of using the advertised product or service, or rings a bell to the reader of the desire to become part of an advertised internet business idea.

Often a person will intend to purchase an advertised item but put it out of his mind until a business announces in his advertisement that they have a sale on the item.

Still if advertising ways are continuously changing, there is one thing the online entrepreneur may be certain; his online business ideas have not achieve the limit of its possibilities if he is not using creative advertising techniques and attracting new customers in the midst of the web’s thousands of daily surfers.

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How to Make Money Online With No Product Or Service Using Creative Advertising Techniques

Making money with no product or service is not a tenable idea, you may be thinking. Most people make money online by selling something such as an e-book, a service or a digital product. Others sell physical products such as cameras and mobile phones.

Logical business laws tell us that there is nothing for nothing. You need to give a customer something before they part with their money. No wonder, many find the idea that you can make money online with no product unbelievable. However, contrary to popular belief there are many ways to make money online with no product or service. How do you make money with no product?

The secret to make money with no product is to employ creative advertising techniques. Many marketers, even experienced ones, are letting money slip through their fingers by failing to exploit the full power of advertising. Advertisers are constantly searching for new ways to put their message across in order to improve their sales.

Websites such as offer an example of how it is possible to make money online using creative advertising techniques. You do not need a product or service. How does it work? Such websites offer money making opportunities to entertainment and content website owners by connecting them to clients who use their advertising networks.

You get paid every time a new visitor installs their advertising software on his/her computer. It is called pay per install. The catch is that a visitor has to install the advertising software in order to view all the content and entertainment on a particular network. This is truly creative advertising at its best. If a visitor does not wish to install the software he cannot see what he wants. The software is usually easy to install and remove and has no strings attached.

Beware though that installing software you do not know can hurt your computer. It is advisable to check out the reputation of the pay per install vendor before installing the software on your computer. Secondly, commissions paid usually vary from region to region, with the USA attracting the highest pay per install returns followed by Canada, UK and European Countries.

The amount paid for each region range from $0.50-0.75USD per install for the first 3,000 installs and is stepped up for installs over and above a certain threshold, say 3,000. Obviously, the more installs you generate the more money you make. Make sure to target the regions paying out the highest commissions.

The above is just one example of how you can harness the power of creative advertising and make money online with no product or service. Creative advertising is completely legal and is increasingly being exploited by savvy marketers to make money online. To benefit from creative advertising and make money online you usually need a money making website and targeted visitors or traffic. Make money online with no product or service by employing creative advertising.

Foolproof Advertising Techniques for Small Businesses

Most small businesses’ advertising techniques simply don’t work.

Yes, one hell of a claim I’ve just made, but it’s true, nevertheless. It’s very hard for most small businesses to make advertising pay, and it does depend to some extent on your industry.

I’m not saying don’t do it — because once you “crack the code”, it’s outrageously profitable. But what I am saying is it takes more time, thought and planning than you expect.

So, in the main, it’s the rule rather than the exception to find Yellow Pages and local media advertising for small businesses is a waste of time and money.

There are a couple of reasons for this… first…

Small Business Owners Don’t Know How to Write Ads!

That’s OK — nor do the Yellow Pages, local media reps, or, indeed most marketing agencies. They don’t know anything about effective advertising techniques. That statement is going to get me into a lot of hot water. I don’t care about that. Because it’s true.

Here’s how it works: your friendly Yellow Pages rep and sales rep from the newspaper or magazine calling you are not advertising or marketing experts. No, they’re media salesmen and saleswomen.

Their job is to sell you media — advertising space — not results. That’s the direct opposite of everything I do for my clients, where my sole aim in working with them is to make them money (always ethically).

And they’re paid commissions on the ad space they sell, it’s to their advantage to sell you as much space as they can. Big ads, lots of “creative” expenses, and 4-colours to bump the price up!

The more money you pay for your ad, the more money they get in commissions. It’s as blatant a case of conflict of interest as I’ve ever seen. Nice work if you can get it. And this is why…

Small Businesses Pay too Much for Their Advertising!

And so they fail to make a decent Return on Investment (ROI) on it. All because of — bluntly — badly thought-out advertising techniques and duplicitous practices on the part of commissioned sales people.

OK, so you were skeptical. I was, too, when I figured this out. But take a look at your local newspaper and Yellow Pages. Look closely at the ads. Now, let me read your mind… ok… it’s coming… yes…

I see it… you’re looking at a load of ads which have the companies’ names and logos at the top… a few words… and end up saying something like “we give great service… call us if we can help“.

As advertising techniques go, having your name and logo as the first thing your readers see is right down there at the bottom. I know it might come as a surprise, and might even hurt a bit but…

No one cares about your logo except you and your graphic designer. More to the point, they don’t care about your name, or how long you’ve been in business. Worse: they don’t care about YOU, either.

All They Care About Is Themselves!

And to write a compelling and successful advertisement, you need to be using the advertising techniques the pros use.

Because you need to be advertising in a way to take care of their wants and needs, to offer solutions to their problems, to soothe their fears. Your name and logo is irrelevant.

Write your ad in their language, aimed at them, offering them a clear benefit for a) reading the rest of the ad. and b) responding to it.

How To Make More Money From Your Advertising

The secret to making more from your advertising? Pay less for running it. Not the most exciting of advertising techniques, I know. But it’s the best answer I know. Your ad’s success is measured by the Return On Investment (ROI).

ROI is the cost of running the ad divided into the money you make back off it. If your ad costs you £100 and you make £200 in sales, then your ROI is 200/100, or 2:1.

The key to making higher profits is maximizing your ROI. And you can do this in two ways.

You can either increase your ad’s response rate (takes work, but can and should be done); or you can reduce the cost. If you can get the same ad for £50, then your ROI is now 4:1.

And getting advertising cheaper is much, much easier than you think – as often as not, it’s no more difficult than just sticking to your guns and playing the ad rep at his or her own game.