Small Business Advertising Techniques – One Big Mistake You’re Making Right Now

Most small business advertising techniques are ineffective, expensive and, frankly, a waste of the advertiser’s time.


Because the ads they run don’t make any money, and even when they do, response isn’t properly measurable so while the ad may be working… you simply just can’t tell.

Small business advertising techniques – the difference that makes the difference

While copywriters and marketers (including me) go on and on a about headlines, strong copy and calls to action there’s one thing we all (including me on occasion, I admit) pay far too little attention to and so miss out on a lot of business.

And this is… the irresistible offer.

See, the offer is what your readers respond to. It’s the bonus, the prize, the promise and the answer to all their prayers rolled into one. And I’ve seen over and over again how a good offer can overcome many shortcomings in headlines, copy and even the price.

So here are a few tips on how to get readers of your ad almost unable to resist responding to your ad.

  1. Remove the risk. This is probably the single–most important point of all. Because any business transaction implies risk – but the risk isn’t equal. Why? Because once the seller has the buyer’s money, getting it back can be impossible if the product or service doesn’t live come up to scratch. So risk reversal in the form of generous and outrageous guarantees, risk-free trial periods, try-before-you buy and all kinds of combinations on this theme are a great way to remove the risk and so create that irresistible offer.
  2. Make it easy. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be buying from some people? Many’s the time I’ve given up right on the sales-page because just can’t get things to work or figure out exactly what I’m buying. The easier you make it for people to buy from you, the more you’ll sell. A few years ago I wrote some emails for a client which used some funky software on the other end and enabled the recipient to buy the product just by clicking a link (just like Amazon’s “buy with one click“). As a result they made over $75,000 in sales off just two emails on a product promotion they thought had bottomed out.
  3. Make it exclusive. Human nature makes us want what we can’t have — and the thought we might miss out on something can make us want it, even though before we had never given it a second thought. I remember a client who sold high-end leather jackets in a small town in England was having trouble selling one particular style. So I told him to put a sign on it saying it was no longer on sale. All of a sudden, everyone wanted one. So make a point of telling your readers they might not be able to get whatever you’re offering, even if they do respond. You’ll be astonished at the difference it makes.