Successful Advertising Techniques

When you are considering advertising your business you need to realize that customers have seen millions of ads in their lifetime. They have become skeptics and will not be fooled. Successful advertising will speak to your potential customers with honesty.

You can catch their eye with a flashy image or a deal too good to be true, loyalty to you business will not be part of this new customers makeup. If you are looking to build a loyal customer base honesty will put your business ahead of your competition in the long term and build a strong foundation.

Advertising Methods that have successfully worked in the past that you will recognize and your customers may identify with are:

Create a character that identifies your company or brand. This works well for franchise companies. When I see the RCA dog I think of television. When I see a red headed girl with pig tails, I think of Wendy’s.

Buzz marketing known as word of mouth advertising is getting people to talk about your company or product. The power of the internet is unsurpassed when it come to getting people to talk about your company. It can be tricky. You should monitor it daily.

Celebrity power getting a celebrity to endorse your product or services is expensive and for people who have big advertising budgets. On a local level maybe you can find a local hero, someone a large local population identifies with will make your company a household name. The quarterback of the local college as an example.

Shocking the viewer is an effective advertising technique. Taking the viewer outside of their comfort zone will burn it into their memory. This is a great way to increase awareness of a social problem. I still remember the commercial of the frying pan, the egg and the statement “this is your brain on drugs”.

Use of a metaphor create a visual or saying that describes your companies basic concept or emotion that you want your customers to feel. Security companies use this showing someone breaking in to your home. Then they show you how their system can assist you, make you safer. Use caution with metaphors in advertising if you have seen it before you don’t want to remind people of your competitor.

Emotional appeal pulls at the viewers heart strings. Who can refuse a donation to the starving crying child? Dating service companies can find you your significant other you have been searching and searching and still haven’t found.

These advertising techniques work. Every new generation puts their own little spin on advertising. You need to put a little bit of creativity into your ads, try using some of these to get you started.