Top Advertising Techniques For Online Use

Do you own a website or an online storefront? Maybe you are an affiliate marketer or an eBay seller and you are looking for ways to get more traffic to your pages. There are many advertising techniques that you can use, but there are only some that actually produce good results on a regular basis. Here are the top 3 online advertising techniques for you to use.

First, the best advertisement is anything you can get on Google. Google is the top search engine and is responsible for over 60% of the searches done online. They have a wonderful Pay Per Click option called Google AdWords that allows you to bid on specific keywords and pay per visitor to your website. These ads show up on the top, right hand side, and bottom of the Google search pages and you can have them show up on other websites as well.

The second options is a free option that will give you traffic for many years to come. Start writing articles about the subject of your website. Submit these articles to top article directories and you will be able to link back to your website in the author bio box or resource box at the bottom of your articles. These will get indexed and listed for relevant keywords on search engines. Plus other webmasters might pick them up and use them on their websites and in their newsletters with a link back to your website.

The third option is quite expensive, but will produce great and lasting results. Spend the money to hire a reputable company to create back links to your website and get you indexed on the first page of search engines all over the internet. This is a very costly option at first, but will pay dividends in the long run. Plus an added benefit to this advertising technique is that you will not be spending your own time working on advertising your site.